Plasma Rich Platelet- The Wonderful Things PRP Therapy Can Offer You

Have you heard of Plasma Rich Platelet therapy? Well, this is a kind of treatment that gives relief to people who are suffering from pain. This also helps speed up the process of healing. PRP makes use of your own tissue in healing. For this reason, you will not have to worry about any complication that can happen from the reaction of the antibodies. This therapy is perfect for musculoskeletal treatment in different areas of the body like the hips, spine, shoulders and knee. Since this is non-surgical, there is lower risk than the conventional surgery.

To help you understand more why PRP Treatment is good for you, here are the top most benefits it can offer you.

  1. Little or no risk. As mentioned earlier, PRP is non-surgical which simply means that the risk is low. In addition, the cells of the patients are used to aid the healing process which reduce any kind of risk of foreign antibodies. The therapy makes use of the blood containing platelet cells which can help speed up the healing process.
  2. Short time for treatment. Another benefit that this offers is that it requires less time for the treatment. Basically, it will take one to two hours for the entire process to be completed. So, you can get the treatment during your free time and you can just go back to work after the treatment. You don’t have to go through anesthesia or the lengthy hospital stays.
  3. Less visits to your physician. You don’t have to regularly visit your doctor for the PRP therapy. Basically, you will have three injections within the span of six months. Each injection is done three weeks apart. Most patients find the relief they need after the two injections. So, you will not have troubles visiting your doctor for follow up visits.
  4. Applies for everyone. Another good news with PRP therapy is that anyone can take advantage of it. While this treatment is meant for musculoskeletal problems, this is also good for those people who are having problems with ageing and skin issues. PRP therapy is good in reducing wrinkles, fine lines and acne. This therapy will not disappoint you.
  5. Little to no side effects. Finally, PRP has proven to give little side effects to its patients than the other treatments out there. The common effect of this treatment is bruising due to the injection but this can go away after few days. No serious side effects are found after the use of PRP treatment. Click this link for more details: .

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